Friday 19th April

Ah, we’re having an ice cream at the beach.

We spent the morning digging up an old tree stump for James’ parents and the weather has been glorious. I don’t think anything beats a spot of gardening in the sunshine.

* Tip of the day: The easiest way to get rid of an old tree stump is to grow pumpkins over and around it. As the pumpkin plants grow, the tree roots will rot down making the stump easier to pull up. For a larger stump you would want to make holes in the stump and have the pumpkins grow out of the holes, rotting the stump from the inside out. Of course, it takes a bit longer, potentially a year or two depending on the size of the stump, but free pumpkins!

It’s very meditative gardening, isn’t it? Digging away, semi-concentrating, using your body and mind together. I find that with gardening my mind doesn’t wander much at all. Unlike running or yoga or other supposedly meditative practices. I think it must be to do with the level of concentration. Gardening requires just that little bit more, but not enough to need proper “thinking”. Although, I’ve read that it’s the struggle of trying to calm your mind that is most beneficial, as actively practicing calming the mind helps in situations when having a calm mind is difficult. I wonder if they’ve studied this? Gardeners vs yogis - who’s more chill?

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