Friday 3rd May

Oh my fucking god it was SOOOOOO cold last night you wouldn't believe it. Here I was thinking the Shepherd's hut would be super romantic and in fact I woke up several times in the night thinking I might not survive until morning, but being too cold to risk moving a muscle in case I lost any of the minuscule amount of heat I'd managed to accumulate under the covers. And by that I mean the heat I'd managed to steal from James muhahaha.

After having a minor meltdown over the thought of having to walk again today, we made the executive decision to pay for our bags to be taken on ahead to our next destination, so we didn't have to carry them again. With slightly higher spirits we made it back to the path and were on our way, but a good 3 hours later than we initially anticipated leaving (11am). By 5pm I had us on a strict deadline of a mile every 15 mins, plus 5 mins for difficult terrain and we managed to make it to Cocking (lol) by 7.30pm, just in time for dinner and a bath (a bath!) and bed by about 9pm.

Highlight of the day was visiting Buriton and the Five Bells pub where I had the BEST ploughman's lunch of my life. It also was approximately the same size of my whole body and I'm not sure how I managed to pack most of it in as well as a portion of chips. I was an exceptionally happy bunny and talked about how good it was most of the day. Second highlight was eating the small amount of cheese, bread and pickled onions I'd not managed to eat at lunch time and snuck into my pocket for later lol.

Heather Stock