Saturday 20th April

Have you ever seen a spider kill a fly four times its size and drag it off to eat it...? Well we did today, and it was FASCINATING. We couldn't take our eyes off it. The fly trying to flap its wings, the spider trying to wrap them in silk, the fly struggling some more, the spider sticking its fangs into the fly's head... Truly captivating I tell you. It reminded me of that Morticia Addam's quote, 'Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly'. Chaos indeed.

We've had the most relaxing day just laying around in the sun - well deserved after yesterday's digging! I happened upon The Prophet by Khalil Gibran in a charity shop, which is apparently the second most read book in history. I found out about it very recently so it was a nice surprise to discover it amongst the mis-matched wares of Oxfam.

Oh! And I caught a mouse! Bertie the cat brought it in the house (we're still at James' parents) and the stupid thing couldn't catch it. Every time I crouched down to try and catch it myself, the cat would either try to attack my hand or do that weird head butt thing cats like to do. There was a lot of shouting "GET THE BLOODY MOUSE YOU STUPID CAT!" but I eventually managed to pull it out from under the fridge. And then I fed it to the cat muhahaha... I'm just kidding!! I scooped it up and took it to the bottom of the garden, hopefully it stays there! Or at the very least Bertie plays with it outside next time.

Where was James all this time, I hear you ask? Outside shouting 'Have you caught it yet? Can I come in?' hahaha.

Heather Stock