Saturday 4th May

Star Wars Day! One of the reasons we heard a lot of Star Wars talk today, other than the fact it's Star Wars Day obviously, is that we didn't spend 8 hours walking on our own through the South Downs... We cheated and got the train to Amberley! Seriously, we couldn't walk, and the reasons are definitely Too Much Information (let's just say there was some chafing going on haha poor James <3). We spent the whole afternoon and evening sitting in the absolutely gorgeous garden of the Black Horse pub, on comfy outdoor sofa things with a fire pit to keep us warm. And then we managed to wangle a table in their super busy restaurant and their food was AMAZING. The service was fantastic... I can't recommend it enough, seriously, if you're in Amberley, go stay there, or at the very least get some good grub and relax in the garden for a while.

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