Thursday 2nd May

We survived the night! It was so cold! We stomped about putting our wet tent away with numb fingers and left before 7am, no point lying there cold and miserable. The only other camper said "Early start!" to me and I couldn't decide if she wanted to make conversation or she was making a comment that I woke her up! I've been told by some of my Italian colleagues that English is an absolute minefield of hidden meanings that we seem to just take in our stride. In my cranky early morning state I chose assume she was also cranky and just replied "Yeah" and keep on packing my bag up.

Since the "tuck shop" was not open we stuck to our original plan to make it to Exton for breakfast. This is the "usual" overnight stopping place, and the internet had me believe there was something there. The internet had me on. Luckily we bumped into the only person there and she pointed up off the path towards a random village store with a self serve coffee machine (the coffee was as bad as it sounds). We ate cheese and pickle sandwiches for breakfast and stocked up on wensleydale and jalapeño sandwiches for lunch (which were surprisingly tasty! Either that or we'd reached the point we'd eat anything).

We saw some ancient burial mounds on our way to Upper Parsonage Farm where we were staying in a Shepherd's Hut. "How romantic!" I hear you swoon. And! Bonus! The shower was so hot I came out looking like a lobster, and we even got a lift to the pub and back where I had the best fish and chips of my life. I great change from yesterday!

Heather Stock