Wednesday 10th April

There is a bread crisis in Faversham. Or so James tells me. I don't actually care, I don't eat bread that much, but poor James, he's wasting away poor lad. Apparently the supermarket hasn't had any sourdough for a week! And he made a trip to the fancy bakery we discovered, only to find out the baker was away on holiday. So yes, crisis on the bread front for sure.

Since then he has been attempting to make a sourdough starter or "mother", leaving the kitchen smelling faintly of off milk, which I somehow forget about every time I leave the room, only to go back in and wonder if the milk has gone off. I say attempting, as it's now batch number ~7 - the previous six have gone mouldy and been thrown out, much to James's dismay. He was quite happy to skim it off the top or just stir it in and hope for the best. I wouldn't come over to our house for tea and toast in the near future if I were you.

Anyway, after convincing him to throw the mouldy mother out, we discovered that using metal utensils could be what's causing the issue, but as I am the scientist and James is not, he has changed more than one variable (he's also using a different "recipe") so we will never know.

*Tip of the day: Use wooden, glass or plastic utensils for your sourdough mother, not metal.*

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